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faq | codeboxes framework

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Q: Does every library comes with documentation and examples?

A: Yes and No.
The full and the base libraries are not having specific examples. But all other libs have examples included in their documentations, except for the mvc library. That lib is so complex, that I created an own example project: tic tac toe.
But all libraries include a documentation. The link to it can be found on the libraries’ site on the down right menu. Or you build it together: http://[lib-name].codeboxes.com/docs/[version]/.

Q: Do I have to pay you, if I use the full framework or single libraries in an own (paid) project?

A: No. The whole codeboxes framework was published under the MIT-License. So you can do whatever the fun you want with it.

Q: Is your source code open source?

A: No. It's my precious.

Q: Will you translate your English description of the framework into other languages?

A: No. I think there is no need for it, since coding pretty much requires the usage of English.

Q: Are the ideas to the libraries all from you?

A: Well, no. I've gained some of them during my work as programmer and some are just ordinary pattern. But one or the other is in fact from me.